We find our inspirations and turning points in our lives at the most unexpected moments and in the most unusual places. That certainly seems to be one of the teaching points this week – the story of Moses and the burning bush.

At this point in his life, Moses was well past a tumultuous early life. He was married and living as a shepherd in a different land. He was comfortable in his life. And one day while pasturing his flock in the wilderness, he sees a burning bush. In the following moments, his life turns and he is tasked to find his better self. He steps back into the world despite his fears and commits to returning to Egypt to free his people.

I love the ephemeral notion of a burning bush in the middle of nowhere. It is not a rational thing and it just seemed to show up at exactly the right time. I’ve also had those moments in the oddest ways and at the oddest times. Some words on a billboard, a random song, a moment walking or running on a trail, a chance observation by a friend, and my life takes an odd but always positive turn.

There is a wonderful midrash (a rabbinic telling) that the burning bush had been created at the end of the sixth day of creation and was always at that exact spot. Moses just happened to be the first person to notice it.

I hope that we all have that capacity to be open to the world around us and to see those unique moments when they come upon us, just as Moses did.